Since 2006 the Small Arms Survey's Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA) project has produced more than three dozen in-depth reports on aspects of armed violence, small arms, and insecurity in Sudan. To make this body of information more accessible to readers, and to encourage feedback and the refinement of our data, we are now pleased to provide a new resource on our website.
Our new Facts and Figures section makes locating HSBA data and analysis on Armed Groups, Arms Flows and Arms Holdings, and the Darfur Peace Process really easy. Each content area is briefly introduced, and visitors can then click through to specific tables, charts, and graphs from existing HSBA publications as well as new content developed especially for the site. Each main section is divided into sub-categories e.g. under "Armed Groups" you can access information on Darfur, Southern Sudan, the Three Areas, and the East.
In Sudan, facts on the ground can change quickly. In recognition of this we have designed our Facts and Figures section in a way that allows you to provide feedback. At the top and bottom of each page is a link where visitors can query data, provide updated information, or suggest additional nuances.
In addition to comments on specific data presented, we also welcome feedback on the general scope and content of the site.

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