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Latest Publications

Fields of Control: Oil and (In)secutity in Sudan and South Sudan
Working Paper 40, November 2015

A Fractious Rebellion: Inside the SPLM-IO
Working Paper 39, September 2015

Two Fronts, One War: Evolution of the Two Areas Conflict, 2014–15
Working Paper 38, August 2015

Under Attack and Above Scrutiny? Arms and Ammunition Diversion from Peacekeepers in Sudan and South Sudan, 2002-14
Working Paper 37, July 2015

Development Deferred: Eastern Sudan after the ESPA
Working Paper 36, May 2015
(in Arabic)

Real but Fragile: The Greater Pibor Administrative Area
Working Paper 35, March 2015
(in Arabic)

Contested Borders: Continuing Tensions over the Sudan-South Sudan Border
Working Paper 34, November 2014
(in Arabic)

The Sudan Revolutionary Front: Its Formation and Development
Working Paper 33, October 2014
(in Arabic)

Protective Measures: Local Security Arrangements in Greater Upper Nile
Issue Brief 23, July 2014
(in Arabic)

Following the Thread: Arms and Ammunition Tracing in Sudan and South Sudan
Working Paper 32, May 2014
(in Arabic)

At an Impasse: The Conflict in Blue Nile
Working Paper 31, December 2013
(in Arabic)

Pendulum swings: The rise and fall of insurgent militias in South Sudan
Issue Brief 22, November 2013
(in Arabic)

Dividing Lines: Grazing and Conflict along the Sudan-South Sudan Border
Working Paper 30, July 2013
(in Arabic)

New War, Old Enemies: Conflict Dynamics in South Kordofan
Working Paper 29, April 2013
(in Arabic)

My neighbour, my enemy: Inter-tribal violence in Jonglei,
Issue Brief 21, October 2012
(in Arabic)

Business as usual: Arms flows to Darfur 2009-12,
Issue Brief 20, September 2012
(in Arabic)

Forgotten Darfur: Old Tactics and New Players,
Working Paper 28, July 2012
(in Arabic)

Work in Progress: Security Force Development in South Sudan through February 2012,
Working Paper 27, June 2012
(in Arabic)

Reaching for the Gun: Arms Flows and Holdings in South Sudan,
Issue Brief 19, April 2012
(in Arabic)

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